Why I want to became a nurse

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Why I Want to Become a

Registered Nurse

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Do you want to help those in need, and

there is a job that has just that, that

sticks out there to you? My career is a

registered nurse. Registered nurses are

very nice once helping a client in need.

I want to be a registered nurse because

I’ve seen registered nurses and they

seem very helpful, which is why I

would like to be one of them. When

beginning this career you might be a

little nervous so if you are, take a deep

breath and relax. Registered nurses

usually work in rotating shifts. They

cover all twenty-four hours; also they

may work holidays if needed.

Registered nurses work as needed, if

more are needed, they might be called

in. They have to be very responsible

about getting to work on time. Being a

registered nurse is not easy you would

have to be ready at any hour of the day

because at any time you can be called

in. Registered nurses have a daily

routine such as record patients’

medical histories and symptoms,

operate and monitor equipment, help

perform help perform diagnostic tests

and analyze results etc. Registered

nurses would go for the patients that

are in the most critical condition.

Registered nurses may work to

promote general health, by educating

the public in warning signs and

symptoms of disease. Most registered

nurses work as part of a team with

physicians, licensed practical nurses,

nursing assistants, and home health

aides. Registered nurses develop 

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