Things you need to know about cooking

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Put little salt in oil b4 frying meat or fish to prevent bursting of oil.

Put piece of charcoal on grounded pepper or beans,if not going to use in d next 20min,to avoid it  from going sour. Those of us that grew up in the village

When making soup like Oha, bitter leaves etc and you run out of thickener , You grind Oats and use the powder as thickener. Thank me later

When I find out that my blended melon (egusi),will not be enough, I add raw eggs to the egusi. It will increase the quantity of your soup and also,give you those balls balls in case you don't know how to achieve it.

Add the Egusi with littl water in the blender add your eggs blend together to get  paste. Then fry . When you try this invite me oo??‍♀️??‍♀️??‍♀️

Add little oil on your frying pan when on low heat, add your rice n stir  repeatedly to avoid sticking to the pot.

I Boil my fresh tomato before grinding or blending it makes it look like tin tomato ?

if you want your jellof rice to come out in grains  without sticking together, then fry the rice in your hot oil before adding ingredients. You could fry your ingredients separately and then use little oil to fry the rice ? before mixing them together.

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