Nengi was never removed as Face of Bayelsa girl Child – Diri’s spokesperson

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Nengi was never removed as Face of Bayelsa girl Child – Diri’s spokesperson

Bayelsa State government has cleared the air over reports that Nengi was removed as the Face of Bayelsa Girl Child upon the appointment of first-class law graduate, Ebizi Blessing Eradiri.

Chief Press secretary to the Bayelsa State Governor, Daniel Alabrah, said in an interview with BBC that the government never removed Nengi after her appointment. He said the government could appoint as many people as it likes depending on whatever sector they want to emphasize.

“Nengi is in the entertainment sector so she can function in that aspect while Ebizi Eradiri is in the education sector. All is for them to inspire and encourage girls in the state so they can aspire better. It is bad for people to speculate and politicise everything.


The state press secretary said that several people complained when the governor recognized Nengi last year saying he neglected Eradiri who bagged a first-class adding that every sector has its potential advantage and it is the government’s duty to look at ways they can encourage people in their different areas.

Equally, Nengi has congratulated Ebizi Blessing Eradiri on her appointment stating that both of them would work together to bring better welfare to the girl child for the state.

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