How to make Zobo drink

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How to make Zobo drink

Nutritional Fact of Zobo drink

Zobo drink is a variable source of vitamin A, it is recommended for hypertensive patients. This drink also cure pneumonia and stop diarrhea.


Dried zobo leaves, Ginger, Garlic, Sugar or honey, Lime and Pineapple peels or juice


1. Wash the zobo leave properly with clean water

2. Put the leaves in a cooking pot and add water to boil for about 25 minutes

3. Add the grounded ginger and garlic, pineapple peels and the lime, then allow to boil for 15 minutes

4. Remove from heat and allow it to cool and sieve it in a bowl to remove residue

5. Add sugar or honey when still hot and stir to taste, add water if it's too thick

6. Add flavours like strawberry, apple or orange

7. Put bottle and chill immediately to prevent it to ferment and serve chill.

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