How FG stopped Bobrisky from launching Gay & LGBT community

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How FG stopped Bobrisky from launching Gay & LGBT community

Runsewe and Bobrisky


The Director-General of the National Council for Arts and Culture (NCAC), Otunba Olusegun Runsewe, on Sunday, revealed how popular crossdresser Bobrisky was stopped from launching the African Chapter of Gay and LGBT community in Nigeria.

Runsewe noted that Bobrisky was going to set up the community in Nigeria during his recently aborted birthday party.

He noted that people from over 70 countries had arrived in Lagos for the event.


Runsewe said “They were all at Ikoyi, preparing to launch it. We got a hint of it and had to put a stop to the event. I seized all the food and gave them to IDPs. If they had launched that thing, Nigeria would have been destroyed by now.

“That was how the insurgency started and because it was not nipped in the bud, today we are facing the consequences of our inaction then.

“People said the man called Bobrisky is powerful and that anytime he comes to Abuja, he lodges in a presidential suite on the tenth floor of Transcorp Hilton Hotel.

“But I will not stand and see such a character perpetuate a culture that does not conform to our African values and norms.

“If he wants to continue with that way of life, then he should leave Nigeria. Our culture does not allow such personality in our society. So he should leave Nigeria.”


Runsewe, however, urged parents not to allow their children to be influenced by characters like Bobrisky, who claims to be female.

He added that “Bobrisky started by saying he sells body creams, and later he went further that he got boobs. He went into many areas. He insults Nigerian women, claiming he is prettier than them. This is not African.

“On his father’s birthday, he dressed like a man. So you can see the deception by a fake personality living a fake life and deceiving Nigerian youths.

Runsewe said that many organizations had lauded NCAC, including a female group from Kenya for its stand against values that negate African culture and norms.

“That man is destroying Nigerian children. If we are not careful, in the next few years women will no longer have boyfriends or husbands again.

“This is because man to man is becoming the order of the day. In Abuja today, men stand on the streets waiting to be patronized by other men.”

Runsewe said that NCAC and the Federal Ministry of Women Affairs would soon meet to continue deliberations to seek the way forward in sensitizing the public on the menace.

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